Brett Smith

Brett Smith
Roseona Working Stock Dogs training that covers all your needs *** PADDOCK & YARD ***

Growing up on 3000 acres in the small town of Sutton, I was quickly introduced to the working dog world.  Spending time in shearing sheds from an early age and beginning my career as a roust-about, my Kelpie was my best asset. I now live at “Roseona” a 60 acre farm near Cowra, in the Central West of New South Wales, where we can all work and play.

It’s only now that my love for the Working Dog took a new lease on life, to be able to breed and train gives me immense pleasure. I now have the time and the patience to work with and train these very intelligent, dedicated and loyal animals.  

Breeding All-Round working dogs is my number one aim. Versatility is needed in my dogs because of my work. The very careful select dogs I choose to breed from have proven this and with these criteria, I am certain of breeding working dogs with an all-round ability. Genetics is a very important part of my breeding, I carefully choose dogs firstly on the breeding behind them of the type of dog I need.

I understand what is required of the working dog for both the farm and trialing. With this ability I have continued to work and train not only my dogs, but others from the local area. When time poor farmers need a paddock ready dog they will bring them to me. With my skill set I become the middle man teaching the Working Dog all the rules and commands then I hand them back ready to work. 

With my Grandfather, Bruce Reid and Uncle Keith (Dickie) Reid’s guidance it wasn’t long before I moved into 3 Sheep Dog Trials.

Training and trialing dogs seem to be in our bloodline and will be for years to come.