Dr Claire Stevens

Dr Claire Stevens
THE ANIMAL EDUCATOR: Animal Advocate, Practicing Veterinarian, Pet Blogger and Dog Care Author.
Author of ‘Dr Claire’s Love Your Dog – simply the best book about dogs you will ever read’ (Released in 2020), Dr Claire Stevens is recognised for her informative and engaging voice and has become a sought-after contributor on TV, print and radio.

Queen of the animal kingdom, Dr Claire Stevens shares her lifetime of veterinary experience on social media, educating pet owners on better pet care and animal health.

Graduating from The University of Queensland’s Veterinary School in 2009, Claire has been a practicing small animal veterinarian for 10 years in Australia, South Africa and the UK. A self-professed lover of creatures both great and small, Claire’s expert knowledge of domestic animals is complemented by her post-graduate studies in Veterinary Public Health at The University of Sydney and experience as a Veterinary Director-Co-owner of three Small animal Veterinary Clinics across NSW and Queensland.

A regular TV guest and media speaker on animal behaviour, Claire encourages pet-owners to share, discuss and celebrate the odd quirks and misfits that are our furry friends.

With her first book on canine care and practices set to be released in early 2020, Dr Claire Stevens’ wild talent can’t be tamed!