Tracie Lambert-Smith

Tracie Lambert-Smith
Dedicated to Breeding Healthy & Happy Puppies

Hi, my name is Tracie and I am Roseona Cavoodles, we are located in the Central West and I have breed dogs for 10 years, initially Kelpies and Collies with my husband Brett in his working dog stud.

My pack including our cavoodles puppies are are raised in a healthy, loving environment. I hold full and current membership to the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders.

I also have a love of photography so I make sure your puppy and every other gets weekly updated pictures. 

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

Our King Charles Cavalier mums (Maya, Macie, Molly & Sally) and Poodle dads (Floyd & Frodo) are a part of the family.  We produce beautiful 1st Generation Cavoodles of many colours.  We also have Frankie !!  Our Cavoodle she is the life of the household, so we know what it is like to own a Cavoodle. We will eventually arrange a 2nd Generation puppy when she is old enough (or sensible enough).  They are all genetically tested and clear of any genetic issues.   We maintain daily raw diet with a small kibble portion (Hypro) for all our dogs and puppies.